Ma Tianyu, Elvis Han and Wan Qian confirmed for “Secret of the Three Kingdoms”

San Guo Ji Mi


Secret of the Three Kingdoms (San Guo Ji Mi) 三国机密 is an upcoming Tangren Entertainment production and true to its name, it revolves around the secrets during the Three Kingdoms era, focusing on the intense rivalry between the Imperial Han and Cao Cao rather than the more famous events in history as we know it.  

Filming began on March 2017 in Hendian though its leads Ma Tianyu (Ice Fantasy Destiny), Elvis Han (Chinese Paladin 5) and Wan Qian (The Glory of Tang Dynasty) were unable to attend. 

On March 7, Elvis Han posted on weibo, “Forgive me for not making it to the opening ceremony, wishing from afar the best of luck to filming! Wait for me, I’ll be home soon.” It really is a homecoming of sorts for Elvis Han who returns after first rising to fame in Monster Killer which was also produced by Tangren. But seriously, I’m mostly glad that Ma Tianyu is back in ancient garb since he was pretty much the best thing in Ice Fantasy.

San Guo Ji Mi
San Guo Ji Mi


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