“Princess Weiyoung”: the hair, the look and the ratings

Anyone else watching Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央? Because it is entertaining… visuals are (mostly) on point, acting is on point and the plot is addictively good. For a series that is fifty something episodes, it is refreshingly fast-paced with not a moment wasted. 

The Hair

LoL, Vanness Wu’s (Autumn Concerto) hair and brows have become a hot topic. When asked for his thoughts, he said that after collaborating with the costume designer, they came up with the look to highlight his character’s villainous side. He doesn’t have much opinion on it since it’s for the sake of the role though he actually really likes his brows, which is a shoo in as a Dragon Ball character.


Well, if you put it that way.. I guess it’s not that bad, and it’s not even that out there if you look at Vanness Wu’s profile picture on weibo. Besides, Tiffany Tang Yan’s (Chinese Paladin 3) hair does not exactly fare any better and she is Princess Weiyoung, the titular lead. 


The Look
Of the three sisters in the Li household, Li Xin Ai’s character is supposed to be the most beautiful but seriously the show has a tendency to put down Mao Xiao Tong’s character, repeatedly portraying her as someone lacking in beauty and talent. It’s similar to the treatment she got in Just One Smile Is Very Alluring as Zheng Shuang’s bestfriend. At least that show made an effort to dress her down, which is hardly the case in Weiyoung because Mao Xiao Tong is always picture perfect, not one loose strand of hair and we are supposed to believe that she’s not pretty?

Princess Weiyoung Mao Xiao TongLi Xin Ai Princess Weiyoung

The Ratings

Princess Weiyoung continues to make a huge splash online, being streamed as many as 6 hundred million times on a given day along with a simulcast on Dragon TV and Beijing TV. Ratings on both networks have been steadily increasing with both breaking past the elusive 1.0 rating in the last few episodes (till episode 20). 



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