Alien and Man Fall in Love in lET’s Shake It (2017)

lET’s Shake It! 颤抖吧,阿部 is a 24-episode Chinese drama that banks on one of the wackier concepts based on a novel by Feng Diu Zi 疯丢子. It tells the story of an alien who falls into a whirlwind romance with the most talented scholar during the Tang Dynasty and suddenly, the E.T. in all caps makes a lot of sense. 

An Yue Xi plays the quirky alien who finds herself stuck on earth while Zheng Ye Cheng who played a supporting character in Just One Smile Is Very Alluring seems to be conquering the web series one at a time as he headlines as her leading man. 

An Yue Xi Let
During the Tang Dynasty, unending war along the borders plagued the nation. Due to his merits in battle, the 6th Prince is appointed as the Crown Prince and set to marry Tang Qing Ye, the illegitimate daughter of the General. Envious of the arrangement, the General’s wife takes it upon herself to kill Tang Qing Ye in order to pave the way for her own daughter to marry into the royal family. 
Given the story’s science fiction roots, this should be around the time that the alien takes over the identity of the heroine. After returning to the capital with the Crown Prince, Tang Qing Feng runs into Tang Qing Ye who managed to escape with her life and they get pulled into an even bigger conspiracy brewing in the palace. 

Release Date: August 7, 2017 on Youku

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Zheng Ye Cheng
Zheng Ye Cheng Let
Zheng Ye Cheng Let
Zheng Ye Cheng in lET
An Yue Xi in lET
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