Jackie Chan receives an honorary Oscar and Donnie Yen to leave handprint in Hollywood

It’s such a delight to share two pieces of news that happened right after the other this month involving Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, two well-respected martial artists in the entertainment industry.

Jackie Chan, 62, receives an Honorary Award at the 2016 Governors Award in Hollywood. It is a special award given to individuals with exceptional achievements and even though it is not presented during the Academy Awards, it bears the same gold Oscar statuette. 

I literally only heard about it because someone sent me a youtube video, which goes to show that good things go viral, it’s not all bad you guys. A big congrats to the legendary filmmaker, actor, stuntman and entertainer. Check out his speech, it’s quite inspiring.

Donnie Yen


Donnie Yen, 53, will be holding a handprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Nov. 30. It’s wonderful news for the veteran actor who has been in a number of commercially successful films lately with the most recent one being Ip Man. A big congrats. 
It’s also interesting to note that Jackie Chan already left his prints in Hollywood twice, once in 1997 that vanished, which is why he was given another opportunity to redo it in 2013. Update: handprint ceremony starts at 5:58. 


Source: DonnieYenCT

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