Game of Hunting (2017)

Game of Hunting (2017)
Game of Hunting
Game of Hunting 猎场 is a 52-episode Chinese drama about the power struggles in the business world. It stars Hu Ge and Chen Long with a supporting cast that includes Sun Hong LeiZhang Jia ZeZu Feng, Li QiangHu BingJian Ren ZiWan Qian, etc. 

The story follows Zheng Qiu Dong, a man with an unwavering determination to achieve his ambitions. With the help of his friend Old Bai and girlfriend, things start looking up for Zheng Qiu Dong’s business ventures. However, Old Bai’s unexpected death becomes a huge blow to Zheng Qiu Dong personally and in his career. He perseveres nonetheless and the arrival of Lin Bai provides a golden opportunity for Zheng Qiu Dong. Even so, challenges come in the form of Yuan Kun, a fierce competitor who will stop at nothing to win

Hunting Ground 1
Despite being Hu Ge’s comeback drama after Nirvana in Fire and Disguiser, this show had trouble securing an airdate in part due to some legal woes. Watching business people duke it out in the boardroom is not exactly my choice for a past time either but the prospect of Hu Ge and Chen Long rekindling their bromance is too good to pass up. Besides, Hu Ge is still on an indefinite leave from showbiz, so this is a rare chance to see him back on the small screen. 

Release Date: November 6, 2017 Hunan TV, Youku (two episodes everyday at 7:30pm)

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Game of Hunting Hu Ge
Game of Hunting Hu Ge

Game of Hunting Hu Ge

Game of Hunting Hu Ge

Hu Ge in Hunting Ground

Chen Long in Hunting Ground

Zu Feng in Hunting Ground

Hu Bing in Hunting Ground

Guan Ren Zi in Hunting Ground
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