Huang Xiaoming Attempted to Start an Underground Book Movement But It Was Awkward

Huang Xiaoming Book Movement
Have you heard about Emma Watson dropping books all over London as part of an underground book movement? Because something similar is happening in China and the artists who took to social media to post about their participation include Huang Xiaoming and Crystal Zhang Tian Ai.

The whole idea is the kind of awe-inspiring deed that is meant to bring out the warm and fuzzies so I don’t know what is going on as a weibo post blaming Huang Xiaoming is making the rounds and it says, “Do you know that at the same time when you were posting on weibo, the subway that you were at stopped working? How many people were late because of you?”

Huang Xiaoming was quick to clarify that there must have been a misunderstanding because he was giving away books the night before and not the night that line 14 broke down. Even the train’s management posted to say that the train broke due to technical problems. Response in general seem to be lackluster as well as a number of books left for the cleaners to collect at the end of the day.  

Huang Xiaoming Book Movement
Zhang Tian Ai Book Movement


Source: Sohu, China

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