Getting to Know the Adorable 9th Princess in “Princess Weiyoung”

Yukee Chen Yuqi


Yukee Chen Yuqi has gone from obscurity to overnight sensation after playing the 9th princess in the currently trending Chinese drama Princess WeiyoungIt’s no wonder that people are naturally curious about Yukee who has seemingly come from nowhere to charm the audience with her performance. 
You’d know that she’s literally a newcomer because there’s barely any information on baidu other than the news that she is part of the first batch of artists who signed under Tang Yan Studio in 2015.
I’m liking her as a mischievous troublemaker and it’s funny to watch her torment Li Min De while dressed as a boy (in period drama lingo, it means that people assume she is a boy just because she’s wearing boy clothes and walking around in a ponytail). 
I’m looking forward to see her back in princess garb and hopefully see her show off her range as an actress because there’s sure to be drama down the road when she realizes that the man she fancies is in love with Tang Yan’s character. 

Yukee Chen Yuqi
Yukee Chen Yuqi
Yukee Chen Yuqi
Yukee Chen Yuqi


Source: Baidu, Weibo


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