“General and I” Release Date

General and I Angelababy Wallace Chung
General and I 孤芳不自赏 releases posters of the main leads appearing forlorn yet expressive in a contrasting black and white concept. Wallace Chung commands in warrior’s clothing and Angelababy is flawless as she dons a simple fur coat. 
Wallace Chung plays Chu Bei Jie of Jin, a general whose accomplishments are known throughout the four kingdoms and whose mere presence instills fear amongst his enemies. 
Bai Pin Ting is the handmaiden of Jing An Wang of Yan but she is brought up as Jing An Wang’s own daughter. Her talent as a strategist helped her country in many ways but she is forced to flee after an incident that leads her right into the arms of Chu Bei Jie, her enemy and her lover. 
The series premieres Jan. 2, 2016 on Hunan TV. 

General and I Wallace Chung
General and I Angelababy


General and I Wallace Chung Angelababy


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