“Flying Daggers” to conquer Jianghu this December

Legend of Flying Daggers


Legend of Flying Daggers 飞刀又见飞刀 is stylish and wuxia sleek in its latest batch of posters that feature Hawick Lau (Legend of Jade Sword), Yang Rong (Memory Lost), Huang Ming, Emma Wu (Gui Gui) and Kenny Kwan (Classic of Mountains and Seas). Also joining the cast are Yuan Bing Yan (Mystic Nine), Howie Huang (Liu Shan Men), Kevin Yan Yi Kuan (Three Heroes Five Gallants), He Zhong Hua and Zong Feng Yan. 
It’s a mouthful to say because there’s so many of them as is common in wuxia to feature an ensemble cast. I actually recognize a lot of them and look forward to seeing everyone in the small screen. Flying Daggers based on a Gu Long novel of the same name is is a widely-read classic that promises lots of hard hitting action and romance with not one but a few couples in their own sweeping love lines. The series begins on Dec. 5, 2016 releasing one episode per day on Youku. 

Legend of Flying Daggers
Hawick Lau in Flying Daggers
Yang Rong in Flying Daggers
Huang Ming in Flying Daggers
Emma Wu in Flying Daggers
Kenny Kwan in Flying Daggers


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