“Princess Weiyoung” and some TV couples that you wish were true


Did you know that Tiffany Tang Yan (Chinese Paladin 3) and Luo Jin (The Gods) have been showered with rumors that they are dating, engaged and even married? All the hints at something (with stalkerish pictures to boot) were repeatedly denied as the two stress that they are just friends. 

We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but we do know that Princess Weiyoung is their fourth collaboration after A Beauty in Troubled Times in 2012, Agent X in the same year and Diamond Lover in 2015. 

Zhuo Wei, a controversial character known as China’s number one paparazzi, gave a straightforward reply when he said, “Luo Jin is Tiffany Tang’s boyfriend.” So there you have it, a rumor fueled by another one. Maybe this time, the couple in question will confirm? I should tell you though, Li Yi Feng’s name occasionally gets thrown into the mix too. Update: Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang confirmed dating!

Sword of Legends episode 25


Next up is Ma Tianyu (Ice Fantasy) and Zheng Shuang (Rush to the Dead Summer) teaming up for the second time for Beauty Private Kitchen, a Chinese historical drama airing this December. 

I’m calling it for what it seems, a gimmick to hype up an upcoming drama. Now that buzz from Just One Smile Is Very Alluring fades and fans come to accept that a reel-to-real coupling between Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang may never be a reality, it’s so easy to ship these two instead. I don’t blame them, Ma Tianyu and Zheng Shuang are cute on their own and even cuter together.
Sword of Legends episode 25
You might have read about Dilraba Dilmurat (Liu Shan Men) attending William Chan’s (Legend of Zu) solo concert this month. Are they dating, are they not? Both have denied dating but hopers gonna hope with every clue they find no matter how flimsy it may be. 
First, there was a weibo post that both artists shared seemingly during a shoot for Bazaar China. Then there was the talk about Dilraba wearing William Chan’s Diesel X jeans like they’re the only pair of jeans in the world?
Uhh.. I’d love to ship them too but I think they’re just friends. If you check the gossip columns, there is hardly any dirt on them, no blurry pictures in a quiet alley or a dark basement.
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