Character introductions: General and I

Character introductions: General and I

You probably figured from my recent postings that I’ve been waiting for this. As someone who hasn’t read the novel but wishes that I had, I’m excited to learn about the love story between Chu Bei Jie and Bai Ping Ting, the main leads in General and I 孤芳不自赏. 

I’m admittedly in it more for Wallace Chung (The Flower Road to Bid Farewell) than Angelababy (Love O2O) who wasn’t all that impressive in the disappointment that is Song in the Clouds. Nonetheless, she is eye-catching if nothing else and one can hope that her acting has improved to level that of her beauty. 

Gan Ting Ting (New Xiao Shi Yi Lang) and Sean Sun Yi Zhou (Legend of Qin) make up the second onscreen couple, telling the story between a powerful princess from Qin kidnapped by a man that ends up winning her heart. He is He Xia, a warrior as talented as Chu Bei Jie but becomes blinded by a hatred that threatens to consume him entirely. 

Qi Hang plays a General of Liang who becomes a supporter of Chu Bei Jie while Mai Di Na (Madina Memet) (Ice Fantasy) plays the childhood friend of Bai Pin Ting. Yu Bo (Singing All Along) is the King of Jin and Deng Sha rounds up the rear as the Imperial Consort. 

Wallace Chung in General and IAngelababy in General and I

Gan Ting Ting in General and ISun Yi Zhou in General and I
Qi Hang in General and IMai Di Na in General and I
Yu Bo in General and IDeng Sha in General and I

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