Luhan, Han Geng, Hu Ge and Angelababy and their celebrity cats

Luhan cat
Aww.. it’s Luhan, formerly an EXO member, sitting on the couch where he films Luhan Studio and he’s carrying an orange tabby cat temporarily named small yellow cat while his Russian blue cat plays it coy, growing into a fat kitty named Zhu. Both are uber adorable that it’s hard to choose between the three, deer Luhan included.

Luhan cat

Han Geng, formerly a Super Junior member, tweets a weibo of his picture with his pet Tiger, a snowy white Scottish Fold that certainly deserves to be a celebrity cat, posing alongside his human like it’s a photoshoot. 
Han Geng catHan Geng cat
Hu Ge is a well-known cat slave lover and also an eligible bachelor for a while now but he isn’t quite as lonely as he appears to be since he has his hands full, caring for as many as five cats within the past 6 years. 
Hu Ge cat
Last but not the least is Angelababy, hugging and planting one on her Scottish Fold who seems to be trying to get away. Apparently, her cat has given birth to three kitties, which she has named Xiao Ming, Xiao Qing and Xiao Jie and she refers to them collectively as the TFCats. 
Angelababy cat

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