C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (Oct – Nov 2016)

When A Snail Falls In Love


I started to post about ratings in August but it kind of lost steam. Sorry, your truly had a lazy spell but someone was curious about the ratings for When A Snail Falls In Love, so was I and here we are. 

I haven’t figured out a good way to do this so for the time being, I’ll stick to dramas that have captured my interest. Turns out my tastes are quite mainstream anyway since most if not all of my picks are doing very well ratings-wise. 

Episode 57 Ice Fantasy Victoria Song


The Mystic Nine, Legend of Chusen and Ice Fantasy seem to be playing within the same range between 0.477 – 0.6, which is not high we’re looking at popular dramas that rate above 1.0%. Nonetheless, it managed to hold strong at number one and no one can take that away. I can’t say I disagree because while I watched both Chusen and Ice Fantasy in its entirety, I knew it wasn’t good enough to become the next Sword of Legends. 

Sparrow on the other hand was much more addictive in spite of its many many flaws and the ratings speak for itself as it reached an impressive 2.486 on the day of its finale while Rookie Agent Rouge trailed at 1.241. I haven’t seen Rookie Agent Rouge so I can’t decide which is better but I should add that Sparrow had the advantage of a headstart.

As the only modern c-drama that I am watching at the moment, When A Snail Falls In Love seems to be getting a lot of love as well inching closer to to the elusive 1.0 with every episode. 

Gah, sorry it’s late and I’m getting wordy. Below are the top ten lists from Baidu which is like google’s counterpart in China. 
Top Ten Dramas (November 2016)
1.    Princess Weiyoung
2.    When A Snail Falls In Love
3.    Legend of Chusen
4.    Memory Lost
5.    Ice Fantasy
6.    Let’s Fall in Love
7.    Ling Hun Bai Du 3
8.    Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
9.    Legend of Chusen Season 2
10.  Ling Hun Bai Du
Top Ten Actors (week beginning Nov 6)
1.   Wang Jun Kai TF Boys
2.   Yi  Yang Qian Xi TF Boys
3.   Wang Yuan TF Boys
4.   Ma Tianyu
5.   Huang Zitao
6.   Yu Feng
7.   Luhan
8.   Li Yi Feng
9.   Yang Yang
10. Qiao Zhenyu
Top Ten Actresses (week beginning Nov 6)
1.   Zeng Yan Fang (SNH48)
2.   Zhang Bi Cheng
3.   Dilraba Dilmurat
4.   Zheng Shuang
5.   Zhao Li Ying
6.   Zhang Yu Ge
7.   Zhou Bi Chang
8.   Zhong Yi Er
9.   Victoria Song
10. Zhang Xiao Yu

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