Ratings Battle for Moonlight and Fantasy (Aug 2016)

2016 c-drama Novoland Castle in the Sky


Legend of Chusen, Ice Fantasy and Novoland: Castle In the Sky are three fantasy series having a go at becoming this year’s summer blockbuster, though you can add The Mystic Nine even if it’s not set in ancient times. 

Unlike k-dramas which have a handful of broadcasters, one c-drama can air across networks and online so the ratings game can get very tricky.
Based on CM52, The Mystic Nine ranks #1 and Ice Fantasy is a close second. However, rankings interchange week by week that there’s actually no clear winner between the two.
On the Sunday slot, Legend of Chusen premieres to an impressive 1.352 that slows down to 0.945; yet it’s my favorite thus far and I hope it makes a comeback. 
Nevertheless, the numbers seem consistent across the board with only Novoland lagging at 0.765.
2016 c-drama Legend of Chusen
In China, breaking 1.0 is an achievement and anything higher is a feat. 2015 drama Journey of Flower held chart-topping records, peaking at 3.1 and averaging a 2.1. 
This year may have decent results but it is disappointingly lower in comparison to past projects and a blow to the genre that’s been known to dominate in ratings.

In Korea, Mondays-Tuesdays are for the Moonlight couple – Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Moonlight leads 16% to 9% as of episode 3. Both are impressive in their own right so I feel for Moon Lovers, which deserves just as much love. 
At least, it’s become a smashing hit in China because 300 million views in 3 days is no joke!
2016 k-drama Moon Lovers; Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Source: Baidu, Chinadaily, Hinews
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