K-celebs blacklisted in China


Do you remember when the Chinese government was up in arms about the insane popularity of Descendants of the Sun? Well, its broadcast agency SARFT has found a giant target this time and it may involve blacklisting all forms of Korean entertainment in China. This is mainly due to worsening Sino-Korean relations over the latter’s decision to deploy a US-led missile system. 

Nevertheless, there seems to be mixed reports left and right – some say the ban’s effective immediately, others explain that it is only a move to limit and not eradicate the Korean wave and the rest claim the rumor to be downright false.

If it is true, then it really is bad news for completed projects, works-in-progress and future lucrative deals like the one Song Joong Ki supposedly secured. Given that Chinese viewers, much like everyone else, appear to have fallen in love with DOTS, My Love From Another Star and all that good stuff, I find it hard to believe the articles stating that a majority support this decision though I frequent enough sites to know that there’s always an ugly side of the web where people spout hate and xenophobia.

Personally, I can see the logic behind the argument to support your own. I myself have wondered why it’s all Korean dramas on cable TV when back in the day I used to watch Taiwanese dramas almost exclusively, what’s more, there’s a mad hiring of k-actors just to capitalize on the trend. 

Yet truth is, I appreciate the cultural exchange from that little window of time that I’m staring at a k-drama, and if another genre pops up that is as good if not better, surely the rest of the world will take notice. 

If you made it to the end, sorry for my rant considering it doesn’t even affect me and thanks for listening. On the bright side, k-actors seem to be pushing through with their activities in China while c-dramas like Whirlwind Girl 2 starring Ji Chang Wook airing as usual, so maybe it really was much ado about nothing.

Source: zjrxc, Youth.cn

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