Help! What could this drama be?

Question from reader: I’m trying to find the drama that I watched back in early 2000s (around the same time as Madame White Snake I think). This is a period drama but not with the Kings/ queens, just sword fighters or whatever you call them. And I remember there being a lot of scenes in the snow and the mountains. I only remember the ending.. So this girl has been poisoned and the only cure was by eating this fruit ( the plant produces only one fruit every seven years) and this plant has to be watered with alcohol. This girl is on a hideout in the snow mountains with her lover). So the day comes nearer for the fruit to be fully ripe but some old friends (I think) come visit them. While they were chatting, this girl who came with the visitors saw the plant in the garden and thought it was wilting so she watered it with water.. And it died. Thus, the poisoned girl cannot get her cure and she died in her lover’s arms. What could this drama be??? – Junggyuks 

Our Answer: Is it Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountains? Above is the opening scene though I don’t remember any poisoned fruit in that drama.

Any kind soul who knows, comment below… your help is much appreciated:)


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