K-Actress Kim Tae Hee Stars in “Famous Calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi”

K-Actress Kim Tae Hee Stars in “Famous Calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi”
Kim Tae Hee in Chinese historical drama Famous Calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi

Wang Xi Zhi is a man of incredible talent that he is widely recognized as the Sage of Calligraphy. Famous Calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi 书圣王羲之 is a 40-episode Chinese historical drama revolving around the calligrapher’s life from his days as a martial-arts loving youth to the person that is revered till this day.

The cast boasts an international collaboration between Japanese, Chinese and Korean artists. Wu Li Peng who plays the title character gained recognition from his role as the Third Prince in Legend of Zhen Huan though he is definitely a newbie compared to A-lister Kim Tae Hee.

Asked why Kim Tae Hee chose this project out of the dozens of offers that have surely gone her way, she explains that it is an honor to depict the esteemed calligrapher’s story and that she views the drama’s emphasis on the arts as an opportunity to promote Chinese and Korean culture. She also noted complete trust in the director Zhang Xiang Lin who is a calligrapher himself.

It sounds good and all but considering that filming wrapped towards the end of 2014 with very minimal promotion thus far, I’m not sure if Famous Calligrapher will ever see the light.

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Source: Ent163, Xinhuanet


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