First Episode Recap: Please Come Back Mister

Rain and Oh Yeon Seo in Please Come Back Mister

A story about second chances, Please Come Back Mister allows two people with unfinished business to return to present life.

A middle-aged family man Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) and a former gangster turned chef Han Gi Tak (Kim Soo Ro) both find themselves in the afterlife. The journey takes them from gathering document stamps for heaven or hell to the train express bound for their final destination.
Please Come Back Mister train to the afterlife
heaven bound train express, Please Come Back Mister
Episode 1 is devoted to showing events leading to Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak’s death. Although the episode narrates two days of the protagonists’ past life, it only takes one scene to paint Kim Young Soo as an extremely hardworking assistant manager of Sunjin Department Store, loving father to Kim Han-Na and lucky husband of beautiful Shin Da-Hye (given that he is only an average looking middle-aged man).

Similarly, only a scene is needed to convey Han Gi Tak’s character – tough boss with a big heart. He considers subordinates as brothers and he has a soft spot for first love Song Yi-Yeon. These two characters may have nothing in common except for dying on the same day, but they are also determined to protect their loved ones, setting them on a journey back to present life.

ep1 of Please Come Back Mister
afterlife colleagues, Please Come Back Mister
With rules and consequences unknown to them, they signed the contract that would take them back to earth. Succeeding episodes show Kim Young Soo in a new body (Rain) and Han Gi Tak surprisingly in a woman’s body (Oh Yeon Seo). Funny scenes await these two characters but they are also compelled to finish their business on earth in two months.
First impressions: Although the theme is quite common, the series commands attention by painting a vivid picture of the afterlife. It is a good wake up call, seeing how a devoted assistant manager like Kim Young Soo can end up with a ticket to hell while former gangster Han Gi Tak passed for heaven. Like Kim Young Soo, many lose sight of their real purpose in life, prioritizing work and neglecting family. On the other hand, Han Gi Tak had a good balance of work and personal life, thereby earning a place in heaven.
The protagonists are not your typical leading men with the usual romantic comedy stories. Rather, Kim Young Soo represents the average salary man working to support his family while Han Gi Tak is a feared but well-loved. Nonetheless, the first few minutes of the series does not fail in getting votes for these characters.

Kim Young Soo may have mixed up priorities, but his diligence, sincerity and humility are worth admiring that it is simply easy to root for his character. Han Gi Tak’s courage is also striking as he is willing to protect his first love Song Yi-Yeon. These two contradictory characters have numerous things to learn from each other and perhaps it is one of the reasons their paths have crossed.

Rain and Oh Yeon Seo in Please Come Back Mister
As Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak are given new identities, the series adds more laughter and action to the mix. With the appearance of main characters Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, it is impossible not to get admiring looks from followers.

Although looks can be deceiving, these two characters stay true to themselves and I look forward to see these good looking ‘undercovers’ in action.

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Release Date: February 24, 2016 (eng subs on Viki)

Rain and Oh Yeon Seo in Please Come Back Mister
New identities, Please Come Back Mister

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