Save the link:

Save the link:

Hi Everyone,

Dropping a note to say that I have moved from to Save the new link please.

I changed the name because it’s short and it rhymes haha. Seriously though, in the true spirit of drama withdrawals, I chose DramaPanda because panda eyes remind me of a person watching dramas past the wee hours of the night, only much cuter.

I’ve had the website since 2010 to collate my favorite dramas, write occasional updates and hopefully improve my writing because I was never a writer, still am not but I do claim to be an avid Asian drama fan, especially of Chinese wuxia. 

This year, I wanted to do something different and give the blog the time and effort it deserves so everything feels so new and exciting. I really appreciate every comment here and there. Thanks for visiting and hope you find something good.


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