Princess Jieyou Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of Princess Jieyou might have been devoid of action but at the heart of it is the bickering interactions between two people with sizzling chemistry. I realize belatedly that Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi are a real life couple, adding to the cuteness overload.

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi in Princess Jieyou

After a painful procedure that’s a cross between hilarious and cringeworthy, Wong Gui (Yuan Hong) lives to see another day. Jieyou (Zhang Xinyi) is genuinely curious about her unwitting patient so she sneaks a peek only to be caught off guard when he pulls her in a giant hug, letting go only when she threatened to hit him where it hurts.

Jieyou demands to know Wong Gui’s identity given that the first time she saw him, he was killing people and the second time, he was almost killed. Jieyou shares that she is an orphan and Wong Gui admits that he hails from Wusun albeit under the guise of a merchant. She goes to sleep like it’s nothing until he reminds her that she is still on his bed.

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi in Princess Jieyou
Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi in Princess Jieyou
Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi in Princess Jieyou
The next day, Wong Gui comes bearing barbecue sticks full of scorpions as his roundabout way to relay his intention to stay with the group.

Days pass and they discover that Wong Gui is a complete drunk who is more of a freeloader than anything else. Refusing to be taken advantage of any longer, Jieyou and the circus members trick an incoherent Wong Gui into signing his life away such that he wakes up relegated to circus property. 

Jieyou volunteers almost too excitedly to be his teacher, unleashing her sadistic streak in the most ingenious of punishments. 

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi in Princess Jieyou

Wong Gui is about to do laundry when he finds Jieyou’s jade pendant among her clothes. Looking to make a quick buck, he hurries to the pawnshop but Jieyou stealthily steals her prized possession back, luring Wong Gui further by insinuating that her pendant is nothing compared to circus leader’s treasures.

I’m not really sure why Wong Gui, the hero, would stoop to thievery but he falls for the bait and a disappointed troupe readies to send him to jail. On their way, Wong Gui observes a desert storm approaching and his expertise comes in handy in bringing everyone to safety.

Zhang Xinyi in Chinese historical drama Princess Jieyou
Yuan Hong in Chinese historical drama Princess Jieyou

The circus members begin to panic when Jieyou fails to return from her search for water. Wong Gui eventually catches up to a Jieyou on the brink of death and he proves his abilities as he allows an old horse to lead the way, knowing that an experienced military horse would remember the places with water.

Jieyou is positively impressed, releasing him from his chains and Wong Gui bids her farewell. In what I consider the shortest separation ever, Wong Gui is instantaneously captured by the Xiong Nu barbarians and they take his dagger.

Hopelessly outnumbered, Wong Gui has no choice but to accompany them to the water source, ultimately returning to Jieyou. He earns a well-deserved bitch slap from her because, well, he technically led the baddies straight to her. 

Yuan Hong in Chinese historical drama Princess Jieyou
Comments: I feel like we barely scratched the surface in terms of the actual storyline but I appreciate the time spent on character development.
Wong Gui is shaping up to be an atypical hero, unafraid to get down and dirty when he needs to. His actions are not exactly anything to be proud of but I like that he’s never pretentious. Besides, episode 1 showed off Wong Gui, the courageous general, so to see his other sides is quite refreshing.
As for Jieyou, she is the opposite of a damsel in distress, which is probably why Wong Gui didn’t think twice about leading the baddies back to her.
She is one dominant lady that I almost felt bad for Wong Gui. I say almost because those scenes where she tortures him were fairly entertaining. It’s not a one-sided dynamic either because he is equally capable of paying her back in kind, all in good fun. That said, I am glad that the Xiong Nu appeared because it is about time to get on with the show.

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