The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (2016)

The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (2016)
Three Heroes and Five Gallants 2016 wuxia starring Kevin Yan Kuan and Chen Xiao
Set in the Song Dynasty, The Three Heroes and Five Gallants 五鼠闹东京 is a detective wuxia centering around imperial guard Zhan Zhao against the “five heroic mice.” It is adapted from a Qing Dynasty novel written by Shi Yu Kun, which inspired a more well-known version titled Seven Heroes and Five Gallants, a novel that has been remade into film many times before.

I honestly don’t know why I continue to drop pop cultural references but I can’t help but see it a la Batman v Superman or even a metaphorical Tom and Jerry, wuxia style. Kevin Yan Kuan (New Xiao Shi Yi Lang) and Chen Xiao (Romance of the Condor Heroes) in the lead roles of Zhan Zhao vs Bai Yu Tang is to watch for because it’s so rare for the viewers and the production team to unanimously agree on casting choices and in this instance, it was so on point. 

As an imperial guard, the righteous Zhan Zhao is somewhat of a straight arrow compared to the mischievous Bai Yu Tang. While both are polar opposites in every sense, they are undisputedly heroes in their own right. Yet the fangirl in me can’t resist the deviant charms of the latter and with Chen Xiao as the actor (>.< happiness). 

The ending song is mildly reminiscent of a 90’s theme song and it’s called Bu Ru Huai Nian 不如怀念 by Chen Chu Sheng 陈楚生.

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