Imperial Doctress Ep 2-7 Highlights

After a strong start, the momentum for Imperial Doctress continues through increased interactions between the characters and their stories fleshed out for our full enjoyment. At this point, I’ve decided that I’m in it for the long haul (yep, all 50 episodes) regardless of who gets the girl. 

Wallace Huo in ep2 of popular cdrama Imperial Doctress

They couldn’t hold out on us forever and Wallace Huo finally makes his appearance in the second episode as Zhu Qi Zhen aka Ying Zhong. He is portrayed as impudent, rash, ill-tempered but kind hearted and heck, he is the emperor so he’s bound to have some sort of a superiority complex. 
Liu Shi Shi in popular cdrama Imperial Doctress
I love our heroine because she has none of that stupidity so often abound in dramas. In fact, she is the exact opposite, driven, smart and highly-capable. Liu Shi Shi pretty much owns the character and shines as Tan Yun Xian, deserving to be a female icon in a male-dominated society.

Her backstory is tragic because what protagonist doesn’t have one. As a little girl, she was fooled into poisoning the current Empress Dowager leading to the deaths of her grandfather and older brother. Despite carrying the burden her entire life, she maintains a positive attitude and pursues her goal to become a doctor in her brother’s stead.

Unfortunately, the road she chooses is is riddled with difficulties not only because social conventions would never allow it but also because her father who already blames her for being the black sheep forbids anyone in the family from practicing medicine. Yun Xian repeatedly gets into trouble, is reprimanded and even whipped but she preserves a never-give-up attitude by coming up with ingenious workarounds to secretly practice.

Wallace Huo and Huang Xuan in popular cdrama Imperial Doctress

Huang Xuan as Zhu Qi Yu doesn’t seem to get as much screen time or I might just be noticing the other two more because I was clearly onboard the Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi ship since long ago and it’s too little too late to turn back now. 

Nevertheless, Zhu Qi Yu as an all-around good guy is very likable and the actor is slowly growing on me. His bromance with Qi Zhen, his older half-brother, is a heartwarming display of unwavering trust from years of friendship and I’d really hate to see the fallout, which is likely going to be because of Yun Xian or the Empress Dowager who is hell bent on turning the brothers against each other. 

Liu Shi Shi and Huang Xuan in popular cdrama Imperial Doctress
Liu Shi Shi and Huang Xuan in popular cdrama Imperial Doctress

Imperial Doctress spares no time setting up the love story from the first moment Yun Xian saves Qi Yu to the moment he saves her in return. It is a case of young love meets Prince Charming and I find myself smiling at their giddiness. Imagine my facepalm moment when Yun Xian’s father wants to disown her for rejecting Official Xu’s marriage proposal. To Yun Xian’s father, she should be with royalty for goodness sake!

The catch 22 is that the drama spends an equal or actually more time building up the other leg of the triangle in the form of a budding friendship between Qi Zhen and Yun Xian. Even though he often leans towards acting like a douche thereby ruining the moment, Yun Xian is perceptive enough to be aware of Qi Zhen’s good intentions even during times when he deliberately tries to mask his kindness.

2016 popular Chinese historical drama Imperial Doctress

The conflict escalates when one of Yun Xian’s patients suddenly dies and Official Xu, the widowed husband, looks to exact vengeance upon Yun Xian for writing the prescription that killed her. Even when it was becoming apparent that Yun Xian is innocent, Official Xu’s bloodlust was never going to let her off and the Imperial Doctors were willing to make a scapegoat out of her.

The two powerful men in her life are naturally rushing to the rescue but Emperor Qi Zhen beats Prince Qi Yu to the punch in the most rewarding resolution to the entire debacle. It’s always a treat to see big bad put other baddies in their place because they do it so incredibly well fervently basking in the glory of a takedown. I also like how the drama comes full circle by showing that good things comes to those who do good deeds.

Huang Xuan and Gina Jin in popular 2016 cdrama Imperial Doctress

The reason Prince Qi Yu couldn’t help Yun Xian in person was because he is imprisoned by Empress Dowager until such time that he agrees to overthrow the Emperor. Without any other option, he uses the Princess (Gina Jin) to send a message via fixing her pendant in a knot that only he, the Emperor and the Empress would understand. He successfully makes contact with Qi Zhen but his affectionate gestures towards the Princess will surely come back to haunt him in the future. 

Though I gotta admit, the baddies have been extremely helpful so far other than their occasional roles in the widening the rift between stepmother and son. Dong Chang’s head eunuch Wang Zhen and his lackeys are a plot device to mislead the Emperor and Duke Wang and his daughter Princess Wang add fuel to the fire by spouting lies to the Empress Dowager. Somehow, the Emperor and Empress Dowager helplessly fall right into their manipulative hands and it’s odd that the seemingly intelligent Emperor can be so easily deceived.

Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo in ep7 of popular 2016 cdrama Imperial Doctress
Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo in ep7 of popular 2016 cdrama Imperial Doctress
Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi in popular 2016 cdrama Imperial Doctress
But those scenes in episode 7 when Qi Zhen’s relentless provocations jolts her to recover from her emotional trauma to become a doctor again, twas intense! 
I just realized that I literally sang praises left and right, maybe the prolonged hype has really robbed me of my ability to be objective or maybe it is that good. What do you think? 


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