Go Princess Go Episode 7-8 Recap

I’m only realizing that the censored version on LeTV contains many cut scenes after being flagged for inappropriate content (such a facepalm moment for me since I knew about the censorship). Good news is that I found the full eng-sub version on Viki and will be recapping those going forward. 

Episode 7

Zhang Tian Ai and Sheng Yi Lun in ep7 of Go Princess Go
Qi Sheng (Sheng Yi Lun) visits Peng Peng (Zhang Tian Ai) to apologize for the way he acted. He tells her that after some investigation, he realized that Yingyue perpetrated the whole incident and was playing victim to cause trouble for Peng Peng. 

Lucky for him, Peng Peng decides to be the bigger man and lets Qi Sheng off easy. I must be too petty because what Qi Sheng did shouldn’t be forgiven just like that but the drama always has a no-frills approach to resolving misunderstandings so on to the next scene.

Zhang Tian Ai in ep7 of Go Princess Go
Yang Yan is sent by the 9th Prince (Yu Meng Long) to invite Peng Peng out since he’s worried that Peng Peng might still be upset over what happened. Even after Peng Peng politely declines, Yang Yan drugs and kidnaps her anyway.

Peng Peng wakes up in a Western-inspired dining room thinking that she must be back in 2015. Unfortunately she’s not because she lays eyes on Yang Yan who carried her all the way to have a date with 9th Prince. 

9th Prince and Peng Peng end up sharing an enjoyable dinner drinking wine and having steak and the ever-gallant 9th Prince completes the evening by taking Peng Peng to see the rooftop view of lanterns stretching out into the horizon. Taken by the spectacular sight, Peng Peng verbalizes that if only there was music for the male and female leads to share a kiss. 

Zhang Tian Ai in ep7 of Go Princess Go

Halfway into her thoughts, Peng Peng in man voice does her monologue thinking that if things got any more romantic, 9th Prince is surely going to lean in for a kiss. Quick to kill the mood, she hurriedly changes the subject and 9th Prince takes the opportunity to confess that the feelings he had for her since they were younger haven’t changed.

Once she gets home, Qi Sheng asks Peng Peng what kind of guy she fancies to which Peng Peng in man voice states that he has always been a pretty boy who likes women! 

Nevertheless, she answers Qi Sheng in a roundabout way saying that love transcends gender and if she were to pick a man, she would prefer the approachable romantic (ahem 9th Prince) over one that’s cool and aloof (Qi Sheng). Cue sinister music as Qi Sheng eerily stares into the distance. The very next day, Peng Peng receives orders from the King to accompany Qi Sheng in a royal visit to Jiang Bei.

Episode 8

ep8 of Go Princess Go

The guard accompanying Peng Peng turns out to be an assassin but thankfully, Yang Yan was quick to pick up on it so that he and 9th Prince save the day. Liking Yang Yan more and more who’s more than just a comic relief because he’s useful when he needs to be and effects a cute brotherly-relationship with Peng Peng as opposed to the two male leads who are trying to get with him as a her.

Again, this drama is quite refreshing in the sense that all the characters are practical and street smart. Peng Peng was no fool and she was already plotting her escape once she realized that the guard was purposely leading her astray. Modern people and our paranoid ways, we really can’t be too trusting nowadays.

ep8 of Go Princess Go

ep8 of Go Princess Go
Sheng Yi Lun in ep8 of Go Princess Go

The next scene involves Zhao Wang, Yingyue’s husband, which we will probably see more now that he has come out as the evil mastermind.

Qi Sheng finally arrives and enters into a a standoff with 9th Prince and Peng Peng who both think that he had orchestrated the assassination attempt. Their confrontation is interrupted by a sudden foray of black-clad men in masks and fire burning everywhere. 

9th Prince saves Peng Peng once again but gets seriously injured in the process while Qi Sheng frantically searches for Peng Peng. Cue sentimental music and flashback to the married couple’s moments together. 

Despite liking the drama, I’m not sold on either love story since we all know Peng Peng is a man who likes women and hasn’t show any feelings for the male leads so I’m getting confused on whether the flashback was meant to be taken seriously or not. No point overthinking though so I’ll keep watching for entertainment sake.

ep 8 kissing scene Jiu Wang and Peng Peng in Go Princess Go
Peng Peng is deeply touched by 9th Prince’s sacrifices and after checking that he’s not feigning unconsciousness that’s so commonly done in dramas, Peng Peng saves him via mouth to mouth resuscitation, without any of that cheesy music accompaniment because it’s nothing romantic, just saving a life here.

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