Monster Killer (2015)

Monster Killer (2015)

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An unexpected find since it’s not as popular as say Chinese Paladin but it is a web series also produced by Tangren Media that definitely deserves the massive following that it receives from fans who have seen it.

Monster Killer 無心法師 is based on a novel that is written in four chapters so it’s not that far-fetched to think that three more seasons may actually happen. For Monster Killer synopsis and ratings, see my 2015 list of best wuxia dramas.

The song choices are worth mentioning since it really fits the theme of the series that is eerily melancholic. Download Monster Killer OST here by typing the Chinese words below (no guarantee it’ll work though).
Li Jian 李健 – Bei Jian Er Hu Pan 贝加尔湖畔 (Opening song)
Li Qi 李琦 – Zui Chang De Li Tu 最长的旅途 (Ending song)

Source 3lian.

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